Il metato

In the heart of the village
2 Guests 1+1

Well-marked features that evoke the past.

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A simply and freshly room
2 Guests 1 Double

On the second floor, a simply and freshly room with all the basics that you need for your stay.

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Il Giù

A cozy apartment for every season.
4 Guests 1 King Size + 1 Double sleeping sofa 57 mq

Spacious, bright and outward facing, the appartment is designed with a delicate Tuscan style.

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A room with attitude.
2 Guests 1 Double

Facing the medieval town, comfortable, simply and wooden details which make the room very cozy.

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Il Sù

A comfortable room with kingly feel.
3 Guests 1 King Size + 1 Single

Get yourself inspired by spectacle of nature

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Casa di Roccia

get inspired by the nature
2-7 Guests

Facing the Apuan Alps, for your relax needs.

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