Hi there!

Hi I’m Antonela, the argentinian side of the couple. I’m comming from a very cozy little town in the heart of Argentina, Esperanza, my favourite word which means Hope.

Hope was  the motivation that let me achieve my different degrees in Tourism and Hospitality.

Hope was the challenge for start travelling the world and learn languages.

Hope is the passion for know new cultures  and people.

Hope was the luck to find the love, Antonio.

Hi I’m Antonio, the other half of the apple. I’m italian, born in the famous city of Pompei, very close to the  ruins.

This could be the reason for my passion for Arts

Arts were the discovery of the beauty and the link to get my degree in Cinema and  Event Management.

Arts taught me the values of respect and the wonder of diversity.

Arts were the best plane I’ve taken to explore the world.

Arts were the weapon to win Antonela’s heart.



Why Ca’Luni

After many years travelling and exploring the beauties of the world and working in different places to improve our experience we choose Casola. Surrounded  by the green breathtaking Apuan Alps, the little stones village is the place where our dream of a slow B&B started to become true.  And it wouldn’t be possible without our friend’s priceless help!

Meet our friends

We like to say slow because our concept goes beyond the traditional B&B concept.

At Ca’Luni you will never be a client but always a golden guest.

You will never be a tourist but always a part of the village.

You will never be served a tourist menu but always seasonal and local meal.

Ca’Luni is the place we have made to let you breathe deeply, listen to the walls, look farther, feel the landscape, taste the life.


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