To introduce our concept we would like to use Francis Malman’s word. In his book “Tierra de Fuego – mi cocina irreverente” he explains with thoughtful words the concept of food that we have here at Ca’Luni.

We might possibly live in the era in which most respect is given to vegetables. Science, technology and medicine have shown us their immense importance in our diet. Homemade gardens might have taught us more than ever, through heirloom seeds (not genetically modified), the real taste of each of them. Cooks, after careful thought and search for their cooking paths, have decided that instead of manipulating the vegetables in excess it is better to respect their flavor when raw or simply cooked.


There is a vanguard in today’s cooking that goes beyond vegetarians and which undoubtedly means going back to the sources, planting gardens and harvesting our own vegetables. All this will be of an enormous benefit to the eater, who lives in a vegetable universe which is honestly different to the one known decades ago. We respect each seasonal fruit and vegetable. Why eating strawberries all year long? We live in a world where tomatoes usually look like plastic: they are just red but have no taste at all. I believe that anxiously waiting for the seasons, and their specialties, keeps the desire for cooking alive.

So, take a seat at our table and let yourself tempt by the simplicity and the genuine taste of Italian cuisin. See you at your next dinner.